~ from Latin cursus [ˈkʊr.sʊs] meaning course, way, passage, journey ~

Your guide to the past – presented by experts, made available to the public by adding layers of information to existing signs.

This is CORSO

Starting with ten episodes on the theme of Öresund, experts in the field will present the archaeology behind exciting places telling the story of this divided region with a shared past.

Each season consists of ten episodes – places in spaces. In the belief that time changes but the place remains the same, CORSO is all about experiencing the past where it happened. Let’s get some heritage!


10 episodes | places


June | 2020


In situ

Movie Time

Experts guides you by video


Attaches to existing signs


Captions in multiple languages

Map with GPX

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Different things from different times

History as past events has left different things from different times in the landscape. By presenting things as a whole instead of parts, always relating new information to known facts, we aim to contextualize the past and give it meaning to the visiting heritage seeker, no matter where you start your journey.


A divided region with a shared past

Season one will explore the beautiful region of Øresund. All places are connected, not only by its history but also by bikelanes. So leave the car at home and let the Captain guide you to some heritage!